ONO Bites Branding + Packaging

“ONO” means “delicious” in Hawaiian. It’s also an acronym for "Outrageous, Nutritious, Organically delicious." ONO stands by its brand name and mantra, along with the constant pursuit to Fuel Your Joy! 

Rich with organic superfoods, ONO Bites sustain energy, health, and well-being and leave people feeling more connected to themselves, to others, and to the planet. We sought to visually achieve this idea of connectivity and wholeness when designing the ONO identity. Each letter flows into the next, dynamically linked together. Fueled by the superfoods contained inside, the ONO logo is in constant motion.

To capture the natural texture and simple nature of the ONO Bites main ingredients — nuts, Yacón syrup, Himalayan salt, and flax seeds — we photographed the ingredients from above and feature them across the top of the stand-up pouch. Resealable and recyclable, the pouch is designed for an active lifestyle, and its rich, brown tone and soft matte varnish look and feel good enough to eat.

Logo & Brand Identity
Package Design
Tagline Creation
Website Design
Photography + Renderings

Printing + Substrate:
– Stand Up Pouch With Zip Top
– Matte BOPP/LLDPE 4.5 Mil
– CMYK + 4 Spot Colors

Website Design:

Sampling of Sketch Process:


Outrageous, Nutritious, Organically Delicious.
As those we know and love have become increasingly sensitive to gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar, we decided it was time to share our nutritious treat with the rest of the world. ONO® Bites have sustained our energy throughout each day and have left us feeling more connected to ourselves, to others, and to our planet. Now it’s time to Fuel Your Joy!™ and we’re so happy to be a part of it.

"Fuel Your Joy!"


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