Small Batch Kitchen

Full-bodied, farm fresh foods are all the rage. Everyone wants homemade without the hassle. Due to the demand (and rightly so), just about every aisle of the grocery store presents a multitude of decisions. How does a brand stand out? After four years of crafting delicious and unique recipes, Small Batch Kitchen was ready for a facelift. We sampled all their products and quickly realized they needed much more than just quick label touch-ups; their flavors were just too good to be paired with branding, packaging, and copy that didn't taste right. 

Thankfully, the client agreed, and we were off to the races. After much conversation and research, we generated a well-rounded presentation of taglines, logos, label designs, and back panel messaging. Once a design option was selected and perfected, we tackled 17 SKUs, delivering a cohesive design and unique flavor descriptions for each SKU while staying true to the overall tone of the brand. Small Batch Kitchen's product and packaging now live harmoniously, complementing one another down to the very last bite...and a delicious bite it is. 

Small Batch Kitchen
Garlic Spread
Garlic Spread
Cherry Bourbon Chipotle Spread
Sour Cherry Spread

Logo Design
Package Design
Tagline + Copywriting

Printing: Labelworx
- Wausau® #70 Bright White Felt
- FSC® + Green Seal certified
- HP Indigo Digital Printing


Gathered with Goodness
Produce, Locally
Small but Mighty Farm Fresh Foods

Locally Grown, Locally Produced
Batched Small for Good Measure
Small Batch. Big Taste.

Roasted Garlic Spread

Our garlic travelled less than 50 miles from farm to kitchen and arrived smelling all kinds of awesome. Packed at the peak of freshness, this spread is a simmer of aromatic splendor that’s sure to make garlic lovers press for more.

Cherry Bourbon Chipotle
Fruit Spread

Our cherries travelled less than 20 miles from farm to kitchen and arrived sweeter than can be. Packed at the peak of freshness, this spread is a simmer of sweet cherries, Kentucky Bourbon, and chipotle pepper. Enjoy our Bourbon neat for a taste that’s smokey and sweet.  

Brandied Pear Fruit Spread
Our state-grown pears travelled less than 40 miles from farm to kitchen, where they simmered in apple brandy and a blend of warm spices. Packed at the peak of freshness, this spread will warm your belly and your heart. Ahhhh….love is in the pear! 

Ghost Pepper Spread
We went hunting for some ghosts and found the hottest ones less than 50 miles from our kitchen. These ghost peppers are 125x hotter than jalapeño peppers, but don’t tell the jalapeños we said that! Just take caution: One bite may haunt you forever.

It seemed like a daunting project when we started, but Jess was patient and had fantastic ideas and insight on the logo and labels. I’m so happy with our new look, the new custom labels look amazing on our jars, and I look forward to working with Jess Glebe Design again as we develop new flavors and product lines.
— Sheila Rhodes, Owner, Small Batch Kitchen