Inspiration Central

Have a look at a blogpost I wrote a while back for Bailey Brand Consulting These things still hold true:
I get excited about the little things in life. And I think that’s pretty amazing.
Sounds, places, tastes, thoughts, people…you name it, I’ll probably  start hopping up and down about it like a hyper-active rabbit. Take  nature, for instance. Now THAT’s something to write home about. Yes,  good old mother nature takes my breath away just as easily as it does  the next tree-hugger (though I usually consider myself to be more of an  avid iMAC-hugger).
I’ve had a thing for little Miss Nature for as far back as I can  recall. Always amazing, never falling short of impressing, and  constantly inspiring me to create. It’s no wonder I frolicked down the  path of design as I did. It’s in my nature to design—to see the  beauty in details, make order out of chaos, communicate on a multitude  of levels…the whole nine. It’s not everyday that people walk outside and  actually feel the air on their face, stare up at the clouds reveling in astonishment, or listen to the trees conversing around them (let’s not discount those dang  chipmunks, either). I’ll never stop pointing out the clouds to my  friends, pulling leaves from trees to stare closely at their teeny tiny  veins, or yelling “Do you smell that?!!?” with a smile as I drive by  honeysuckle bushes.
To just stop and drink everything in—that’s exciting for me. It is  this excitement for the little things, and probably a plethora of other  influences no doubt, that inspires me to design.  And that, my friend,  is pretty big.