Rekindling Childhood Pastimes

The 2015 Holiday Season was a cyclonic frenzy (in all the best senses of the term) of family, friends, activities, love (I got married!), and last but not least...crafting! We're now halfway through February, and I'm only just getting around to sharing these photos and video of our woodburning merriment. 
Caitlin and I always like to work in a little craft session or ten throughout any given year, and what better time than the holiday season to put our skills to use!? Thus, we decided to woodburn some FUNtastic Christmas ornaments to gift to our families. It helped keep our Holiday spending budget within limits and also allowed us to rekindle our childhood pastimes as "master wood-scorching artisans."

Check out this time-lapsed video and the photos we took of the woodburning process.

The ornaments were first burned, then painted with both white (for the snow, y'all!) and silver (that's the pond you see glistening at the bottom) paint markers. 

I'm pretty certain we'll do it again sometime.