Ouiska Run Farm Honey Packaging

Where do I begin, as I’d hate to give only 5-stars when I could not have been more satisfied!!

I had found Jess several years ago after she had completed branding and packaging for one of her clients. I said to myself then that when the time comes and I was ready to launch my product line, Jess would be the one that I contacted. I did and she not only met, but exceeded my expectations.

Within a manner of days I had already felt as if I had crossed the threshold of client to friend. I am a pretty headstrong person that knows what I want and has no trouble expressing it, but Jess never balked at the opportunity to interject her professional opinion, based on real life, industry experience, to reign me back in and go with an option that worked better for my business and my brand. She treated my business (my baby) like one that she birthed herself.

I am happy to call Jess a friend and can't wait to burn through these 5K labels so that we can work together again!!

Jeff Kennedy, Owner, Ouiska Run Farm